A few of my favourite things…



Build: Nordari – May A Stone Guide Your Way
Rug: The Loft – Printed Striped Jute Rug
Chair: Pilot & Fri.day – Mattick Chair@Atelier Kreslo
Lamp: Lame – Mimi’s Branch Lamp@Fameshed
Table: Second Spaces – Shabby Coffee Table
Wall Art: Breno – Find Your Bearings
Wall Flower:  MudHoney – Wire Wall Flower
Dummy: Tres Blah – Vanity Dress Form@The Arcade
Mirror:  Vespertine – Old Bathroom Mirror
Vase: Meshworx – Shaker Vase Aqua
Teacup Planters: Aria – Oolong Planters@The Arcade
Games: Second Spaces – 4 Across/Game Of War@The Arcade
Robot: Zigana – Chip Robot Polaroid@The Arcade
Flower Bottles: Keke – Summer Bottles@The Chapter Four
Birds: Vespertine – Fabric Birds@The Arcade
Strawberries: Elate – Posh Picnic Strawberries@The Arcade
Photo Albums: Commoner@The Arcade


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