Build: Vespertine – Postcards From Italy
Blinds: Lisp
Birds: Vespertine – Wooden Stilt Bird/Orange Duckbird
Pouf: EoD – Pouffe Old Leather@The Home Show
Pillows:  The Loft – Roxy Pillows
Rug: Digs – Ortego Rug
Planters: Aria – Sandy Planters@The Home Show
Vases: Bazar – Toronto Clay Vases@The Home Show
Piles Of Papers: Zigana – With Love
Daybed: Culprit – Bohemia Daybed@The Home Show
Mirror(behind daybed): Cheeky Pea – Old Memories Mirror
Rug (on wall):  The Loft – Ikat Rug
Chandelier:  The Loft – Painted Chandelier
Table: Cheeky Pea – Deconstructed Coffee Table@The Home Show
Plant (on table): Cheeky Pea – Bowl Planter@The Home Show
Drinks Tray: Mudhoney – Melissa Drink Tray@The Home Show
Bear:  D-lab – Black Bear
Large Plant: Zinnas – Urban Yucca@The Home Show
Chair & Table: Zigana – Bistro Table & Chair@The Home Show
Mirror: Zigana – Weathered Mirror
Chalkboard: Vespertine – Daily Chalkboard
Head: Culprit – Buddha Head@The Home Show
Abacus: Second Spaces – Vintage Abacus@The Home Show
Typewriter:  Tartessos Arts – Old Typewriter
Ashtray:  Post – Bagleys Retro Ashtray
Mugs: Magic Nook
Lamp: Meshworx – Hive Lamp
Hanging Planter: Cheeky Pea – Sara Hanging Plant
Small Plants: Dutchie – Philodendron Yearlings
Beaded Curtain: NO – Mona Lisa Beaded Curtain
Ivy Planter: Floorplan – Boho Ivy Planter
Boxes: Mudhoney – Madagascar Boxes@The Home Show
Sink: Zigana – Sink
Teacup Planter: Aria – Oolong Teacup Planter Vanda Orchid
Vases: Bazar: Toronto Shelf Vases@The Home Show
Hyacinth: Terrashop
Wall Planters: Aria – Sandy Wall Planters@The Home Show
Star Light: Zigana
Candles: A.V – Epoque Candles
Birdcage: Vespertine – Tall Broken Birdcage
Chair: The Loft – Newcombe Industrial Chair


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