Harmony and peace of mind.


Build: Lisp – Persimmon Summerhouse – Mellow@Collabor88
Curtains: North West – Monsieur William Spring Curtains
Open Book: Apple Fall@Collabor88
Rug: Bazar – Floria Rug
Chair: The Loft – Verona Armchair
Vase: Bazar  – Floria Vase
Birdcage: Cheeky Pea
Dummy: Tres Blah – Vanity Dress Form
Mirror: The Loft – Brass Mirror
Poppy Jug: Apple Fall – Preserved Poppies@Collabor88
Cross- North West – Santa Maria Cross
Bed: Apple Fall – Dreams Bed@Collabor88
Art: Keke – Photo Clipped Flowers@The Chapter Four
Lamp: Bazar – Toronto Lamp@The Home Show
Pillows: The Loft – Roxy Pillows
Radio: Sanctuaire – Antique Radio Clouds
Trunk:  Apple Fall – Fashion Trunk
Books: Art Dummy – Idle Books
Pouf:  We’re Closed – Leather Pouf
Doll House: Apple Fall – Cornish Dolls House@Collabor88
Basket: Mudhoney – Woven Basket
Books:  Apple Fall – Breakfast Books
Table: Fri.Home – Suitcase Table
Vases: Keke – Summer Bottles
Oil Lamp: Art Dummy – A Little Light
Eiffel Tower:  Pilot
Teacup:  Apple Fall – Lemon Tea
Key Rack: Second Spaces – Hotel Key Rack
Slippers: Bazar – Toronto Slippers@The Home Show
Trees/Grass:  We’re Closed


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