Place to get lost.


Build: Post – Floodwood
Ladder:  We’re Closed – Group Gift
Flower Tins:  Keke – Tea Tins
Cardboard Box: Dutchie – Empty Box
Wall Canvases:  Picnic – Antique
Bulb: BP – Hydroponics Bulb
Jacks: Second Spaces – Deco Jacks
Robot:  Zigana – Tommy
Cabinet: Second Spaces – Bauer Cabinet
Owl Art: Floorplan – Species Silhouette
Laptop: Dutchie
Horse: Pilot – It’s A Horse
Rug: The Loft – Ikat Rug
Empty Canvases: Bazar/TA
Disturb Frame: Art Dummy – Acedia
Yucca: Zinnias – Neo Urban Yucca
Floor Lamp: The Loft – Idledale
Sketchbooks: Bazar
Brushes & Paint: Dutchie
Paper Box: Art Dummy – Recycle Box
Desk & Stool: Bazar – Toronto Arts
Artist Palette: Tartessos Arts
Brushes In Cans: Bazar
Sketches: Bazar
Brushes In Glass Jar: Kari – Het Atelier
Burger Meal: Pilot
Cup: Atelier Kreslo – To-Go Cup
Lamp: The Loft – Origami Hanging Cage
Curtain: Ink – Damaged
Birdies: The Loft
Radio: Tartessos Arts – Radio Cassette
Waste Bin: DAHaus
Art Shelve: What Next – Florence Shelf
Paint Pots & Brushes: Kari – Het Atelier
Painters Mannequin: Bazar
Paint Tubes: Bazar – Toronto Colour Tubes
Jam Jar & Brushes: Lisp
Creative Canvas: Kari – Het Atelier
Poppies: Terrashop
Chair: Meshworx – Comic Chair
Book: Art Dummy – Flamingo Book
Embroidery: Lark


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