Build: L2 Studio – Mini Shoreline (modified)
Plants:  Dutchie
Bath: Trompe Loeil – Vintage Bathtub
Sink: Trompe Loeil – Vintage Sink
Light: Entity – Climbing Bulb
Curtains: Ink
Rug: Lark – Anemone Rug@Reef’s Colours Fair
Towel (on floor):  Dutchie
Magazines:  The Loft
Slippers: Bazar – Toronto Slippers
Robe:  Dutchie
Chair: The Loft – Artisan Chair
Towels (rolled): Tartessos Arts – Essence Spa Towels
Towel Basket: Tartessos Arts
Scales:  Dutchie
Folded Towels:  Dutchie – Stack of Towels
Toilet Rolls:  Dutchie
Silver Box:  Dutchie
Glass:  Dutchie
Fish: Aria – Payton Fish
Mirror: Bazar – Toronto Makeup Mirror
Toothbrushes: Aria – Harper Toothbrushes
Bin: Bazar – Arizona Bathroom Trash Bin
Shelf: What Next – Florence Shelf Coastal
Toiletries/Makeup: Tres Blah – Vanity
Large Mirror: The Loft – Alders Mirror Silver@Collabor88
Bottle: Keke – Summer Bottle
Rocking Chair: Fri.Home – Rocker
Towels (on rocking chair): Post – DeWitt Towels
Jar Candles: Art Dummy – A Little Light
Radio: Tee*fy – Retro Portable Radio
Table: Fri.Home – Shutter Side Table
Vases: Bazar – Toronto Dining Room Vases


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