Crafty spaces.


I might have done a little happy dance when I saw all the goodies Second Spaces have for The Arcade. Oh the ribbons! The washi tape! Be prepared. The Arcade starts on Sept 1st.

Table, craft cases, craft stamps, ribbons, punches, craft caddy, washi tape, papers and paints all Second Spaces for The Arcade.

Build: Y’s House (very old group gift)
Flowers:  Aria – Raquel Vase
Stool (underneath case): Junk (upcoming group gift)
Storage Lockers: Second Spaces
Dummy:  Art Dummy – Once
Crown:  Pilot
Canvas:  Bazar – Toronto Empty Canvas
Shelf: Teawood – Annotation Shelf
Soaring Art:  Pilot
Arrow Light:  Art Dummy – Light Up My Way
Clipped Papers: Keke – Clipped Wallpaper/Sketch
Green/Pink Frames: North West – Summer Frames
Embroidery:  Lark
Canvas Art: Collage – Believe@Uncertain Smile
Matchstick Light: Junk (coming soon)
Stool: Second Spaces – Eure Drafting Stool
Bag (under table):  Art Dummy – A Rainy Day Shopping Bag
Boxes: Second Spaces – Fileboxes
Drawings:  Bazar
Rug: Junk


Little yellow flowers.


Build: Nordari – Mint Apartment
Birdcage:  Cheeky Pea – Sara Birdcage
Table: Lark – Dessert Table
Flowers: Zinnias – Mexican Terracotta Pot@The 24 Home
Candle: Mudhoney – Bean Candle
Letters: Zigana – With Love Pile
Cup: Tres Blah – Mustache Cup
Books: Pilot – Aviation Book Stack
Box:  The Loft – Storage Box Old Map
Frames(on side walls):  Vespertine – Silent Memories Set 1&2
Daybed: Encore
Tall Lamp: Encore  – Antique Floorlamp
Rug: Mudhoney – Lucie Rug
Bookshelf: Alouette – Owly Bookshelf
Wire Heart:  Kuro
Antique Frames: North West – Jumble of Things & Frames
Cabinet: Mudhoney – Reese Cabinet@Uncertain Smile
Vase: North West – Vase Of Tulips
Books: Cheeky Pea – Heart Bookends@The 24 Home
Globe:  Floorplan – Chalk Globe
Flask: Encore – Oh Deer Flask@The 24 Home
Birdhouse: What Next – Wooden Birdhouse
Cactus: Painfully Divine – Mesh Cactus
Abacus: Zigana – Antique Abacus
Desk: Mudhoney – Miles Desk@The 24 Home
Chair: Bazar – Toronto Dining Chair
Lamp: Post – Hudson Lamp
Typewriter:  Tartessos Arts – Old Typewriter
Torn Letter: Dutchie
Cup: Cluttered Flowey – English Tea
Boxes:  The Loft – Storage Box
Vases: Junk – Oddity Vases
Letters: Zigana – With Love Mix


And if you should lose me you will track me down again.


Skin: Birdy – Deliah – Pure
Eyes: Ikon – Lucid – Grey
Hair: Magika – Now
Eyeliner:  Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner
Piercing: SU! – Bonny Piercing
Rose Hairband:  [glow] Studio
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Khaleesi’s Temptation
Ring: Yummy – Faceted Solitare Diamond@Collabor88
Top: NO – Sheer Floral Henley
Jacket:  Coco – Tuxedo Jacket
Shorts: Mon Tissu – Tulip Shorts
Feet: Slink – Bare feet
Shoes: Slink – Ilena Sandals
Pose: Marukin – Fallen Leaves On The Roadside

Mirror: Art Dummy – Summertide Mirror@Collabor88
Chair: Bazar – Summer 24@The 24
Cabinet: Pilot – Old Safe Table
Steel Tree: [CT]
Rug: Junk – Retro(coming soon)




Build: L2 Studio – Mini Shoreline (modified)
Plants:  Dutchie
Bath: Trompe Loeil – Vintage Bathtub
Sink: Trompe Loeil – Vintage Sink
Light: Entity – Climbing Bulb
Curtains: Ink
Rug: Lark – Anemone Rug@Reef’s Colours Fair
Towel (on floor):  Dutchie
Magazines:  The Loft
Slippers: Bazar – Toronto Slippers
Robe:  Dutchie
Chair: The Loft – Artisan Chair
Towels (rolled): Tartessos Arts – Essence Spa Towels
Towel Basket: Tartessos Arts
Scales:  Dutchie
Folded Towels:  Dutchie – Stack of Towels
Toilet Rolls:  Dutchie
Silver Box:  Dutchie
Glass:  Dutchie
Fish: Aria – Payton Fish
Mirror: Bazar – Toronto Makeup Mirror
Toothbrushes: Aria – Harper Toothbrushes
Bin: Bazar – Arizona Bathroom Trash Bin
Shelf: What Next – Florence Shelf Coastal
Toiletries/Makeup: Tres Blah – Vanity
Large Mirror: The Loft – Alders Mirror Silver@Collabor88
Bottle: Keke – Summer Bottle
Rocking Chair: Fri.Home – Rocker
Towels (on rocking chair): Post – DeWitt Towels
Jar Candles: Art Dummy – A Little Light
Radio: Tee*fy – Retro Portable Radio
Table: Fri.Home – Shutter Side Table
Vases: Bazar – Toronto Dining Room Vases


Underwater love.


Build: Nordari – Banana Pancakes
Fish Tank: Apple Fall – Pisces Fish Tank
Couch & Chair: Trompe Loeil – Oceania Brights@Fameshed
Tall Vases: Tartessos Arts – Coastline Jars
Canvas: Tartessos Arts – Bohemian Canvas
Tall Plant:  Terrashop – Office Plant Potted Philodendron
Wall Art: Trompe Loeil – Oceania Wall Art Bird@Fameshed
Lamp: Trompe Loeil – Oceania Paper Globe Lamp@Fameshed
Wood Table: Bazar – Arizona Wood Table
Ashtray: Post – Bagleys Retro Ashtray
Giraffe: Storax Tree – Native Giraffe Whimsy
Pillow: The Loft – Roxy Square
Basket (under couch): Mudhoney– Coil Basket
Telephone:  Soothe
Candles: Mudhoney – Bean/Artichoke Candle
Ottoman: The Loft – Aaron Ottoman
Ipad:  Dutchie
Rug: The Loft – Printed Jute Rug
Trunk: Apple Fall – Fashion Trunk
Lemons: Bazar – Toronto Lemon Basket
Letters:  Dutchie
Coffee Tray:  Balaclava– Recycled Coffee Set
Mirror: Trompe Loeil – Rope Mirror
Bottles:  Dutchie
Plant:  Aria – Oolong Teacup Planter
Backgammon Set: Second Spaces
Box File: The Loft – Storage Box
Newspapers:  What Next
Budda Head: Culprit – Budda Head Teak
Cigar Boxes: Seven Emporium – 2 Cigar Boxes
Incense: Post
Mermaid Lamp: Schadenfreude – Orange Mermaid Lamp
Cactus: Culprit – Hibachi with Cactus
Planter: Trompe Loeil – Hanging Tri-Planter
Plants: Artilleri 
Vintage Radio: Tartessos Arts


A bright blue Sunday.


Shelf: Second Spaces – Faux Baroque Bookshelf
Rug: Encore – Shabby Rug Striped
Wall Art: Sways – Life Is Like Photography@Love Donna Flora
Jug: North West
Stool: Lisp – Primary Bee Stool
Tray: Culprit – Tea Tray Tea
Suitcase: Vespertine – Machinarium Suitcase Lunchbox
Vases (under stool): Aria– Mea Vases
Dice: Second Spaces – Deco Dice
Papertray: Floorplan – Jack’s Manuscript
Dog:  Pilot– Fido
Vase: Teawood – Vas Dip Dye
Papers:  Zigana – With Love
Radio: Tee*fy – Cassette Radio British
Flower Bowl:  The Loft – Roxanne Flower Bowl
Teacup Piglet:  Ohmai – Piggy Who
Painters Mannequin: Bazar
Books: What Next – Row Of Books
Box: Second Spaces – Trinket Box Open
Birdie:  The Loft
Urchin Decor: Aria– Nina Decorative Sea Urchin
Snowglobe: A.d.d. Andel – Seasons Snowglobe
Letters: Cheeky Pea – Map Me Letters
Flower Tin: Tres Blah – Tea Time Tin
Plate: R(S)W – Wall Plate Chicken
Kitten: Intrigue – Kitschy Kittens Nemo
Crown:  Pilot
Doll Head: NO – Doll Head Vase Gloomy
Vase: Little House of Curios – Jug Of Gypsophila Cuttings
Mirror:  The Loft – Porthole Mirror
Clock: Hypoxia – Retro Orange Flip Clock
Pink Boxes: Second Spaces – Pink Fileboxes
Cacti:  Pilot – Larkin Cactus Planter
Crane Mobile: Vespertine – Papercrane Mobile@Love Donna Flora
Build: Vespertine– Faded Horizons


Place to get lost.


Build: Post – Floodwood
Ladder:  We’re Closed – Group Gift
Flower Tins:  Keke – Tea Tins
Cardboard Box: Dutchie – Empty Box
Wall Canvases:  Picnic – Antique
Bulb: BP – Hydroponics Bulb
Jacks: Second Spaces – Deco Jacks
Robot:  Zigana – Tommy
Cabinet: Second Spaces – Bauer Cabinet
Owl Art: Floorplan – Species Silhouette
Laptop: Dutchie
Horse: Pilot – It’s A Horse
Rug: The Loft – Ikat Rug
Empty Canvases: Bazar/TA
Disturb Frame: Art Dummy – Acedia
Yucca: Zinnias – Neo Urban Yucca
Floor Lamp: The Loft – Idledale
Sketchbooks: Bazar
Brushes & Paint: Dutchie
Paper Box: Art Dummy – Recycle Box
Desk & Stool: Bazar – Toronto Arts
Artist Palette: Tartessos Arts
Brushes In Cans: Bazar
Sketches: Bazar
Brushes In Glass Jar: Kari – Het Atelier
Burger Meal: Pilot
Cup: Atelier Kreslo – To-Go Cup
Lamp: The Loft – Origami Hanging Cage
Curtain: Ink – Damaged
Birdies: The Loft
Radio: Tartessos Arts – Radio Cassette
Waste Bin: DAHaus
Art Shelve: What Next – Florence Shelf
Paint Pots & Brushes: Kari – Het Atelier
Painters Mannequin: Bazar
Paint Tubes: Bazar – Toronto Colour Tubes
Jam Jar & Brushes: Lisp
Creative Canvas: Kari – Het Atelier
Poppies: Terrashop
Chair: Meshworx – Comic Chair
Book: Art Dummy – Flamingo Book
Embroidery: Lark