2 squirrels in a suitcase.

2 squirrels

Build: Scarlet Creative – Autumn Reclaim Home @Collabor88
Bed: Warm Animations – Antique Bed
Hutch: Trompe Loeil – Baybrooke Hutch @Fameshed
Paris Skyline: Digs– Skyline Relief Block
Plant: O.M.E.N – Hanging Plant @The Mens Dept 
Letter:  :CP: MapMe Letters
Fairy: Baiastice – Porcelain Fairies @The Arcade
Bottle:[ keke ] – Ombre Bottles
Books: {what next} – Row of Books
Trees: Second Spaces – Tabletop Forest
Piglet:  !O: – Teacup Piglet
Radio: -tb- – Bon Voyage – Clock Radio @The Arcade
Boxes: Second Spaces – Pink Fileboxes
Frame:  Sari-Sari – Antique Clock Faces
Dress Form: -tb- – Vanity – Dress Form
Silhouette Light: *bbqq* – Silhouette Lamp @The Arcade
Radio: Tee*fy – Cassette Radio Almee
Mirror: The Loft – Wrought Iron Mirror
Camera Light: Intrigue Co. – Novelty Nightlights @The Arcade
Wall Art: Sway’s – WallArt Heart @The Arcade
Paper: [ keke ] – Taped Paper ISLY
Memo Boards: -tb- – Bon Voyage – Memo Board (French & Travel) @The Arcade
Flamingo lights:  Lark – Flamingo Lights
Plates: [North West] – Pretty Plates III
Crown: PILOT – Crown
Unicorn Bag: (Milk Motion) – The Unicorn Bag @The Arcade
bird: {vespertine} – Fabric Bird
Table:  Lark – Dessert Table
Harry Potter: *~*HopScotch*~* – Big H. @The Arcade
Macaroons: -tb- – Pastry Mania – Macaroons
Typewriter: floorplan. – Typewriter
Candle: AF – Scented Candle @The Arcade
Suitcase: -tb- – Bon Voyage – Open Suitcase @The Arcade
Squirrels: +Half-Deer+ -Carved Woodland Animals @The Arcade
Chair:  .encore. – Lola Chair
Floded Clothes: -tb- – Bon Voyage – Folded Clothes @The Arcade
Craft Case: *Second Spaces* – Crafts On The Go @The Arcade
Rug: AF – Jute Natural Rug @The Arcade
Cushion: {what next} – Charlotte Floor Cushion
Books: -tb- – Bon Voyage – Ready to Travel @The Arcade
Pouffe: floorplan. – Velvet Pouffe
Books: -tb- – Bon Voyage – Books @The Arcade
Rug: +sanctuaire+ – Overdyed Rug
Book Basket: fri.home – Book Basket
Floor Bulb: Seven Emporium – Floor Bulb (Special Edition RED)
Cases: -tb- – Bon Voyage – Stacked Suitcases @The Arcade
Plant: /artilleri/ – Cute Climber
Lamp: Trompe Loeil – Baybrooke Bird Lamp @Fameshed
Iris: [PM] – Iris @The Arcade
Body Butter: AF – Body Butter
Table: floorplan. – Half Table
Deer: +Half-Deer+ – Carved Woodland Animals @The Arcade


Happy little spaces.


Build: Vespertine – Metamorphosis House (modified)
Blinds: Lisp
Plant: Dutchie
Shelf: Junk – Decker Shelf (coming soon)
Clock: What Next – Mesa Clock@The Garden
Bowls: O.m.e.n – Invasion Bowls@The Garden
Lantern: Post – Mesabi Railroad Lantern
Trees: Second Spaces – Tabletop Forest
Boxes: Apple Fall – Storage Boxes
Books: What Next – Row of Books
Wooden Pig: Boogers@Collabor88
Abacus: Second Spaces – Vintage Abacus
Game: Intrigue Co – Chuck-a-Luck Game@Collabor88
Crate:  Mudhoney – Laura Fridge Crate
Scrabble: Apple Fall  – Lets Play Scrabble
Magazines: The Loft
Applause Box: Seven Emporium
Chair: What Next – Mesa Chair@The Garden
Alien Planter: Botanical – Concrete UFO & Moss Alien@The Garden
Flamingo: Zigana – Homemade Flamingo
Empty Frames: The Loft – Idledale Empty Frames
Cup Stand: Junk – Cuppa For One (coming soon)
Book Basket: Fri.Home – Book Basket
Tool Cabinet: Second Spaces – Vintage Tool Cabinet
Wooden Panda: Boogers@Collabor88
Blossom Vase: Schadenfreude – Tree Vase with Apple Blossoms
Wooden Deer: Floorplan – Oh Deer Wall Decor
Swallow: Collage
Rose Painting: Dutchie
Embroidery: Lark
Flamingo Lights: Lark@Flux
Bookcase:  Cheeky Pea – Crail Bookcase Vintage
Couch: Art Dummy – Summertide Sofa@Collabor88
Newspaper: The Loft
Cabinet:  Digs – Warren Single Cabinet
Vases: Aria – Mea Vases
Star Lights: BBQQ – Stars Lamp
Pouffe: Noctis – Tiki Pouffe@Flux
Cushions: The Loft – Roxy Pillows
Table:  Cheeky Pea – Deconstructed Coffee Table
Comics: Second Spaces – Area 51 Comics@The Garden
Donuts: Lisp
Ashtray:  Artilleri – Birger Ashtray
Bucket Of Pencils: Kuro
Game: The Loft – Tic Tac Toe
Rug: Junk – Apple Tree (coming soon)
Tree (outside): We’re Closed – Summer




Build: L2 Studio – Mini Shoreline (modified)
Plants:  Dutchie
Bath: Trompe Loeil – Vintage Bathtub
Sink: Trompe Loeil – Vintage Sink
Light: Entity – Climbing Bulb
Curtains: Ink
Rug: Lark – Anemone Rug@Reef’s Colours Fair
Towel (on floor):  Dutchie
Magazines:  The Loft
Slippers: Bazar – Toronto Slippers
Robe:  Dutchie
Chair: The Loft – Artisan Chair
Towels (rolled): Tartessos Arts – Essence Spa Towels
Towel Basket: Tartessos Arts
Scales:  Dutchie
Folded Towels:  Dutchie – Stack of Towels
Toilet Rolls:  Dutchie
Silver Box:  Dutchie
Glass:  Dutchie
Fish: Aria – Payton Fish
Mirror: Bazar – Toronto Makeup Mirror
Toothbrushes: Aria – Harper Toothbrushes
Bin: Bazar – Arizona Bathroom Trash Bin
Shelf: What Next – Florence Shelf Coastal
Toiletries/Makeup: Tres Blah – Vanity
Large Mirror: The Loft – Alders Mirror Silver@Collabor88
Bottle: Keke – Summer Bottle
Rocking Chair: Fri.Home – Rocker
Towels (on rocking chair): Post – DeWitt Towels
Jar Candles: Art Dummy – A Little Light
Radio: Tee*fy – Retro Portable Radio
Table: Fri.Home – Shutter Side Table
Vases: Bazar – Toronto Dining Room Vases




Build: Nordari – Drift.wood
Mirror: Cheeky Pea – Mainstream Mirror
Venice Sign: 7 – Vintage Venice Sign (This is my darling friend Agustkov’s new store that you need to check out. The man has serious talent!)
Dresser: Fri.Home – Alice Dresser
Books: Floorplan – Book Clutter
Flowers: Aria – Raquel Vase
Birds:  Vespertine – Fabric Birds
Stripy Rug: Encore – Shappy Rug The Blues
Butterfly: Mudhoney – Paper Butterfly
Embroidery: Lark– Meh
Dummy:  Art Dummy – Once Decorative Dummy
Torn Letter: Dutchie
Typewriter: Floorplan
Love Letters: Apple Fall
Map: Lark – Ikat Map
Curtains:  The Loft – Meid Drapes
Floor Pillows:  We’re Closed
Branch Lights: North West – Gustav Potted Limb
Clock:  Art Dummy – In Time
Planter: Cheeky Pea – Outdoor Movies Planter@Fameshed
Bed: Scarlet Creative – His@Fameshed
Tray: Culprit – Eggy Brekkies
Newpaper:  The Loft
Stool: Scarlet Creative – Reve Stool
Single Vase:  Vespertine – Diamonds
Tied Books: Apple Fall
Teacup Piglet: Ohmai – Princess
Trays: Second Spaces – Wood & Leather Trays Stack
Boxes: Second Spaces – Trinket Box Double
3 Vases: Junk – Oddity Vases (Coming Soon)
Zebra Rug: Breno – Cardiff Animal Print Rug
Bedside Books: What Next – Row Of Books Decorated
Fan:  Art Dummy – Breeze
Can: Commoner – Brash Can Prozac
Magazines:  The Loft
Cup: Mudhoney – Priya Mug
Bench: Pilot – Olsen Chest Bench
Casette Radio – Tartessos Arts
Stool: Second Spaces – Eure Drafting Stool
Plant: Floorplan– Lilac Planter
Hanging Planter: Trompe Loeil
Wall Panel:  The Loft – Tribeca Wall Panel
Fence: Botanical – Lattice Fence@Fameshed
Grass:  We’re Closed – Lush Grass
Willow Tree: 3D Trees – Weeping Willow


Harmony and peace of mind.


Build: Lisp – Persimmon Summerhouse – Mellow@Collabor88
Curtains: North West – Monsieur William Spring Curtains
Open Book: Apple Fall@Collabor88
Rug: Bazar – Floria Rug
Chair: The Loft – Verona Armchair
Vase: Bazar  – Floria Vase
Birdcage: Cheeky Pea
Dummy: Tres Blah – Vanity Dress Form
Mirror: The Loft – Brass Mirror
Poppy Jug: Apple Fall – Preserved Poppies@Collabor88
Cross- North West – Santa Maria Cross
Bed: Apple Fall – Dreams Bed@Collabor88
Art: Keke – Photo Clipped Flowers@The Chapter Four
Lamp: Bazar – Toronto Lamp@The Home Show
Pillows: The Loft – Roxy Pillows
Radio: Sanctuaire – Antique Radio Clouds
Trunk:  Apple Fall – Fashion Trunk
Books: Art Dummy – Idle Books
Pouf:  We’re Closed – Leather Pouf
Doll House: Apple Fall – Cornish Dolls House@Collabor88
Basket: Mudhoney – Woven Basket
Books:  Apple Fall – Breakfast Books
Table: Fri.Home – Suitcase Table
Vases: Keke – Summer Bottles
Oil Lamp: Art Dummy – A Little Light
Eiffel Tower:  Pilot
Teacup:  Apple Fall – Lemon Tea
Key Rack: Second Spaces – Hotel Key Rack
Slippers: Bazar – Toronto Slippers@The Home Show
Trees/Grass:  We’re Closed


Looks just like the sun.


Pool: The Loft – Verona Pool
Palm Tree: 3d Trees
Tree: 3d Trees – Yucca Plant
Cliffs: Studio Skye
Sand Dunes: Studio Skye
Boat: The Domineaux Effect – Vintage Boat
Sign: Bauwerk – Life is Good Sign
Ice Cream Cart: What Next – Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart
Bench: What Next – Tunbridge Bench
Bag: Tartessos Arts – Seaside Beach Tote
Binoculars: Tartessos Arts – Explorer Binoculars
Cushions: Mudhoney – Standing Pillows Beach
Camera: Tartessos Arts – Bohemian Camera
Cacti:  Cheeky Pea – Sweetwater Cacti Terrarium
Mat: Bauwerk – Beach Mat
Radio: Bauwerk – Beach Radio
Plant: Dutchie – Schefflera


Flamingo: Zigana – Home Made Flamingo
Beach Bar Sign:  Fri.home
Umbrella: Llorisen – Deauville Parasol
Mobile:  Cheeky Pea – Margarita Beach Cap Mobile
Beverage Cart: Second Spaces – Poolside Beverage Cart
Crate: Vespertine – Original Beer Crate
Plants: Dutchie – Sansevieria
Guitar: Tartessos Arts – Acoustic Guitar
Table: Mudhoney – Sheryl Wire Table
Rum: Tartessos Arts – Rum & Shaker
Mojitos: Tartessos Arts
Magazines: The Loft
Chairs:  Cheeky Pea – Margarita Beach Chair
Camera: Tartessos Arts – PhotoStudio Camera & Lens
Potted Tree: Forest Floor – Potted Scrub Maple


Lights:  Cheeky Pea – Backyard Cinema Lights
Vases:  Cheeky Pea – Sweetwater Vase
Table & Chairs: What Next – Hampton Set
Wine Bottles (on table): Mudhoney
Wine Bottles (on floor): Dutchie
Cheese Plate/Bread/Strawberries: Elate – Posh Picnic
Planter: Trompe Loeil – Hanging Tri-Planter
Plants: Dutchie – Philodendron Yearlings
Potted Tree: Forest Floor – Potted Scrub Maple


Hanging Chair:  We’re Closed – Hanging Chair Pure
Lights:  Cheeky Pea – Backyard Cinema Lights
Table: Lame – Evan’s Teal Wood Table
Book: Dutchie – Book With Glasses
Pillows: The Loft – Roxy Pillows
Juice Box – Flowey – Original Beertlejuice Dispenser
Small Plant: Dutchie – yellow flax
Potted Tree: Forest Floor – Potted Scrub Maple


This is the coastal town that they forgot to close down.


Build: Vespertine – North Sea Shed Blue@The Liaison Collaborative
Cooler:  The Domineaux Effect – Vintage Cooler
Couch: Vespertine – Sailor Couch@The Liaison Collaborative
Boat: Tuff – Small Old Boat
Happy Hour Sign: Fri.home – Beach Sign@Summerfest
Green Starfish: Culprit – Starfishy@Summerfest
Red/Orange Starfish:  Tartessos Arts – Seastars
Mobile:  Cheeky Pea – Margarita Beach Cap Mobile
Star Lights: Vespertine – Starfish Lights@The Liaison Collaborative
Flipflops:  Tartessos Arts
Mags: Bauwerk – Beach Magazines@The Liaison Collaborative
Table:  Zigana – Table 234
Candle: Culprit – Starfishy Candle@Summerfest
Radio: Bauwerk – Beach Radio@The Liaison Collaborative
Rug: Cheeky Pea – Fish! Rug@The Liaison Collaborative
Model Boat: Apple Fall – Ralph’s Boat
Basket: Ilo – Weave Basket
Sink: Post – Marquette Sink
Candle Lantern: Pixel Mode – Addison Candle@The Liaison Collaborative
Towels: Dutchie – Stack Of Towels
Lockers: Second Spaces – City Pool Storage Lockers@Summerfest
Picture: Dutchie – Framed Vintage Poster
Mirrors: Cheeky Pea – Abbotsford Fish Mirror@The Liaison Collaborative
Chair: Cheeky Pea – Maribel Hanger Chair Splatter
Rack:  Lisp – Rub a Dub Hanger
Lifeguard Sign: Second Spaces -Sandbridge Entryway Lifeguard Sign@The Liaison Collaborative
Lifering: Culprit – Grotty Lifering@Summerfest
Lounger: Culprit – Filthy Lounger Leafy@Summerfest
Binoculars:  Tartessos Arts – Explorer Binoculars
Umbrella: Bauwerk – Sun Shade@The Liaison Collaborative
Wine bottle: Bauwerk – Wine On The Beach@The Liaison Collaborative
Rocks:  We’re Closed – Boulders
Bushes:  We’re Closed – Shrub Bare
Trees: AG – Narrow Tree Leafless