Maybe tomorrow.


Build: Scarlet Creative – Catching Comets @Collabor88
Lamp: AF – Giant Teller Lamp
Plants: Dutchie – Philodendron Yearlings
Wicker Baskets: MudHoney – Ophelia Basket @FaMESHed
Speaker: 7 – Shortwave Speaker @Collabor88
Floor Cushions: {vespertine} – Nils Floor Cushions @ The Men’s Dept
Books (on floor): MudHoney – Covered Books @Collabor88
Couch: {vespertine} – Nils Sofa @ The Men’s Dept
Cushions: The Loft – Roxy Square Leopard
Soup & Magazines: Second Spaces – Sick Day
Branch Light: Scarlet Creative – Festive Branch
Shelf: [Commoner] ‘Nova Collection @Collabor88
Plant Jar: AF – Fern Specimen
Radio: 7 – Shortwave Radio @Collabor88
Books: AF – Books
Art: {theosophy} – Godre’r Wall Art @Collabor88
Sphere: [Commoner] – ‘Nova Collection Armillary @Collabor88
Picture: The Loft – Welcome
Ladder: [we’re CLOSED] – Old Ladder
Crown: [bauwerk] – Candle King
Books: PILOT – Thick Book Stack
Bird: {vespertine} – Wooden Songbird
Vase: MESHWORX ~ Marrakesh Vase
Cushion: Scarlet Creative – Someone to Love Cushion (Mingle Gift)
Birds: The Loft – Painted Tail Birds
Fan: Scarlet Creative – Someone to Love Fan (Mingle Gift)
Chair: {vespertine} – Stockholm Chair
Bag: [Con.] – Fossil Hunter
Powerstrip: Second Spaces – Geeky Powerstrip
Jukebox: 7 – Jukebox DC108C @Collabor88
Mirrors: The Loft – Taylor Mirrors
Clipped Prints: {vespertine} – Clipped Prints @ The Men’s Dept
Block Stack: Second Spaces – Block Stack Set
Magazines: [bauwerk] – Vintage Travel Magazines
Rug: MudHoney – Eva Rug
Table: {vespertine} – Donovan Table @ The Men’s Dept
Box: MudHoney – Ophelia Box @FaMESHed
Mug & Book: Sari-Sari – Whovian Teatime
Ashtray: [NikotiN] – Ultimate Ashtray @ The Men’s Dept
Scrabble: AF – Let’s Play Scrabble
Chandelier: MudHoney – Eva Chandelier


Everything I need.


Build: {vespertine} – Camille Skybox
Lights: Trompe Loeil – Industrial Chandelier @Collabor88
Gazelle Head: ISPACHI – Mesh Art Gazelle’s Head
Small Table: Zigana – Table 234
Plant: Terrashop – Office Plant Potted Philodendron
Canvas & Frame: Bazar – Toronto Bedroom canvas
Table: Cargo – Foundry Table
Lamp: Meshworx ~ Solaris Lamp
Computer: AF – iFall
Jars & Scale: Sari-Sari – Mason Jars & Notepad & Scale with Books
ABC Art: PILOT – Miller Positive Words A to C
Offended Sign: Seven Emporium – Easily Offended Sign @Shoetopia Gacha
Portrait Canvas: Bazar – Toronto Shelf canvas
Paper Rolls: PILOT – Rolled Paper Rack @Collabor88
Ladder:  [we’re CLOSED] – Old Ladder
Telephone: TA – Seventies Telephone
Leaning Canvases: TA – Bohemian Canvas
Pouffe: [ARIA] – Silvia Knit Pouf @Fameshed
Books: PILOT – Aviation Book Stack
Rug: Digs – Derya Rug
Chaise: AF – Ram Chaise @The Mens Dept
Box: .:Standby Inc. – Box Bin @Collabor88


Tangled up in blue.


Build: Zigana – jardin home @The Arcade
Hanging Beads: Zigana – Hanging Beads South & Nature @The Arcade
Beaded Curtains: LeeZu! – Pearl Curtain @The Arcade
Round Lanterns: Zigana – Lantern @The Chapter Four
Frame: AF – Beauty Is…. @The Arcade
Wood Basket: AF – Woodstock @The Arcade
Stool: MudHoney – Lucie Stool
Incense: Zigana – Incense @The Arcade
Rugs: +sanctuaire+ – Overdyed Rug
Cabinet:  Trompe Loeil – Oceania Cabinet Elephant
Lamp: Trompe Loeil – Triple Glass Lamp @The Arcade
Bookends: :CP: – Mystery Bookends
Candle: AF – Scented Candle @The Arcade
Flowers: [ARIA] – Raquel Vase
Vases: Zigana – Vases @The Arcade
Suitcase: -tb- – Bon Voyage – Stacked Suitcases @The Arcade
Bench: Culprit – Old Friends Bench
Cat: Schadenfreude – Chibi Cat – Sweetie @The Arcade
Plants: AF – Potted Plant @The Arcade
Backgammon Table: AF – Backgammon Table @The Arcade
Box: [ba] – Silver & Leather Coffer @The Arcade
Globe: .encore. – Globe
Table: Second Spaces – Ezra Table @The Mens Dept 
Hanging Plant: O.M.E.N – Hanging Plant @The Mens Dept 
Whiskey Tray: O.M.E.N – Whiskey & Cigar Set @The Mens Dept
Candles: AF – Scented Candle @The Arcade
Mail Frame: Sari-Sari – Frame with Mail
Lantern:  Trompe Loeil – Hanging Crosshatch Lantern
Cloud Light: .encore. – Cloud Light (group gift)
Mirror: .encore. – Mirror
Vase: Meshworx – Shaker Vase
Chair: .encore. – Lola Chair
Camera: -tb- – Bon Voyage – Vintage Camera @The Arcade
Books: -tb- – Bon Voyage – Books @The Arcade
Record Player: floorplan. – Record Player @The Arcade
Cacti: :CP: – Sweetwater Cacti Terrarium
Chest:  Trompe Loeil – Oceania Chest
Cigars: Second Spaces – Ezra Ashtray @The Mens Dept 


Place to get lost.


Build: Post – Floodwood
Ladder:  We’re Closed – Group Gift
Flower Tins:  Keke – Tea Tins
Cardboard Box: Dutchie – Empty Box
Wall Canvases:  Picnic – Antique
Bulb: BP – Hydroponics Bulb
Jacks: Second Spaces – Deco Jacks
Robot:  Zigana – Tommy
Cabinet: Second Spaces – Bauer Cabinet
Owl Art: Floorplan – Species Silhouette
Laptop: Dutchie
Horse: Pilot – It’s A Horse
Rug: The Loft – Ikat Rug
Empty Canvases: Bazar/TA
Disturb Frame: Art Dummy – Acedia
Yucca: Zinnias – Neo Urban Yucca
Floor Lamp: The Loft – Idledale
Sketchbooks: Bazar
Brushes & Paint: Dutchie
Paper Box: Art Dummy – Recycle Box
Desk & Stool: Bazar – Toronto Arts
Artist Palette: Tartessos Arts
Brushes In Cans: Bazar
Sketches: Bazar
Brushes In Glass Jar: Kari – Het Atelier
Burger Meal: Pilot
Cup: Atelier Kreslo – To-Go Cup
Lamp: The Loft – Origami Hanging Cage
Curtain: Ink – Damaged
Birdies: The Loft
Radio: Tartessos Arts – Radio Cassette
Waste Bin: DAHaus
Art Shelve: What Next – Florence Shelf
Paint Pots & Brushes: Kari – Het Atelier
Painters Mannequin: Bazar
Paint Tubes: Bazar – Toronto Colour Tubes
Jam Jar & Brushes: Lisp
Creative Canvas: Kari – Het Atelier
Poppies: Terrashop
Chair: Meshworx – Comic Chair
Book: Art Dummy – Flamingo Book
Embroidery: Lark




Build: Vespertine – Postcards From Italy
Blinds: Lisp
Birds: Vespertine – Wooden Stilt Bird/Orange Duckbird
Pouf: EoD – Pouffe Old Leather@The Home Show
Pillows:  The Loft – Roxy Pillows
Rug: Digs – Ortego Rug
Planters: Aria – Sandy Planters@The Home Show
Vases: Bazar – Toronto Clay Vases@The Home Show
Piles Of Papers: Zigana – With Love
Daybed: Culprit – Bohemia Daybed@The Home Show
Mirror(behind daybed): Cheeky Pea – Old Memories Mirror
Rug (on wall):  The Loft – Ikat Rug
Chandelier:  The Loft – Painted Chandelier
Table: Cheeky Pea – Deconstructed Coffee Table@The Home Show
Plant (on table): Cheeky Pea – Bowl Planter@The Home Show
Drinks Tray: Mudhoney – Melissa Drink Tray@The Home Show
Bear:  D-lab – Black Bear
Large Plant: Zinnas – Urban Yucca@The Home Show
Chair & Table: Zigana – Bistro Table & Chair@The Home Show
Mirror: Zigana – Weathered Mirror
Chalkboard: Vespertine – Daily Chalkboard
Head: Culprit – Buddha Head@The Home Show
Abacus: Second Spaces – Vintage Abacus@The Home Show
Typewriter:  Tartessos Arts – Old Typewriter
Ashtray:  Post – Bagleys Retro Ashtray
Mugs: Magic Nook
Lamp: Meshworx – Hive Lamp
Hanging Planter: Cheeky Pea – Sara Hanging Plant
Small Plants: Dutchie – Philodendron Yearlings
Beaded Curtain: NO – Mona Lisa Beaded Curtain
Ivy Planter: Floorplan – Boho Ivy Planter
Boxes: Mudhoney – Madagascar Boxes@The Home Show
Sink: Zigana – Sink
Teacup Planter: Aria – Oolong Teacup Planter Vanda Orchid
Vases: Bazar: Toronto Shelf Vases@The Home Show
Hyacinth: Terrashop
Wall Planters: Aria – Sandy Wall Planters@The Home Show
Star Light: Zigana
Candles: A.V – Epoque Candles
Birdcage: Vespertine – Tall Broken Birdcage
Chair: The Loft – Newcombe Industrial Chair