Attic aliens.


Absolutely loving everything from Second Spaces right now. And The Garden theme of Area 51 was genius.

Build: Culprit – Neva’s Cottage
Rug: Entity – Cruiser Rug
Bed: Con – Stepside Bed@The Garden
Lamp: What Next – Mesa Floor Lamp@The Garden
Cardboard Alien: Alouette – Purple Alien Cutout@The Garden
Alien Painting: Olive – The Invasion Painting@The Garden
Curtain: Nordari – Robot Curtain
Books: Floorplan – Book Clutter
Fan: Art Dummy – Breeze
Brain Lamp: Atelier Visconti – Rover Brain Lamp@The Garden
Comics: Second Spaces – Area 51 Comics@The Garden
Block Game: Second Spaces
Alien (outside window): Olive – Alien Lawn Gnome@The Garden
Alien Light String: Olive@The Garden
Words: O.M.E.N – Invasion@The Garden
Hanging Lamp:  Vespertine – Stella Pendant Lamp
Chair: What Next – Mesa Chair@The Garden
Table: Digs – Douglas Coffee Table@The Garden
Ufo’s: Second Spaces – Area 51 UFOs@The Garden
Guitar:  Tartessos Arts – Acoustic Guitar
Pillow:  Vespertine – Softies
Mailbox: Botanical – Vintage Time Traveler’s Mailbox
Frames: Standby Inc – Conspiracy Frames@The Garden
Bookshelf: Second Spaces – Area 51 Bookshelf@The Garden
Robot: Zigana – Chip
Disc Tower: Apple Fall – Floppy Tower
Books (on shelf): Second Spaces -Area 51 Books@The Garden
Ray Gun: Second Spaces – Area 51 Ray Gun@The Garden
Trees: Second Spaces  – Tabletop Forest Winter
Jar: Floorplan – Change Fund
Gumball Machine: Floorplan
Alien (inside cupboad): MishMish – It’s Aliens Holding Photo@The Garden
4 Across Game: Second Spaces
Floor Bulb:  Seven Emporium
Tv:  Lisp – Portable TV
Games Machine: Cheeky Pea – Playing Games Console
Poster: North West
Box of Tapes:  Vespertine – Old Video Tapes Box
Desk & Chair: Second Spaces – Area 51 Desk & Chair@The Garden
Lamp: Post – Chisholm Desk Lamp
Mini UFO: MishMish – It’s Aliens Mini UFO@The Garden
Rockets: Second Spaces – Area 51 Rockets@The Garden
Map:  Pilot – Traveler’s Map 1
Cassette Radio:  Tartessos Arts
Pinboard: Second Spaces – Area 51 Bulletin Board@The Garden
Burger Meal:  Pilot
Lemonade: What Next – Garden Cafe Lemonade
Alien (on floor & chair): Olive – Alien Lawn Gnome@The Garden
Dice: Second Spaces  – Deco Dice


Underwater love.


Build: Nordari – Banana Pancakes
Fish Tank: Apple Fall – Pisces Fish Tank
Couch & Chair: Trompe Loeil – Oceania Brights@Fameshed
Tall Vases: Tartessos Arts – Coastline Jars
Canvas: Tartessos Arts – Bohemian Canvas
Tall Plant:  Terrashop – Office Plant Potted Philodendron
Wall Art: Trompe Loeil – Oceania Wall Art Bird@Fameshed
Lamp: Trompe Loeil – Oceania Paper Globe Lamp@Fameshed
Wood Table: Bazar – Arizona Wood Table
Ashtray: Post – Bagleys Retro Ashtray
Giraffe: Storax Tree – Native Giraffe Whimsy
Pillow: The Loft – Roxy Square
Basket (under couch): Mudhoney– Coil Basket
Telephone:  Soothe
Candles: Mudhoney – Bean/Artichoke Candle
Ottoman: The Loft – Aaron Ottoman
Ipad:  Dutchie
Rug: The Loft – Printed Jute Rug
Trunk: Apple Fall – Fashion Trunk
Lemons: Bazar – Toronto Lemon Basket
Letters:  Dutchie
Coffee Tray:  Balaclava– Recycled Coffee Set
Mirror: Trompe Loeil – Rope Mirror
Bottles:  Dutchie
Plant:  Aria – Oolong Teacup Planter
Backgammon Set: Second Spaces
Box File: The Loft – Storage Box
Newspapers:  What Next
Budda Head: Culprit – Budda Head Teak
Cigar Boxes: Seven Emporium – 2 Cigar Boxes
Incense: Post
Mermaid Lamp: Schadenfreude – Orange Mermaid Lamp
Cactus: Culprit – Hibachi with Cactus
Planter: Trompe Loeil – Hanging Tri-Planter
Plants: Artilleri 
Vintage Radio: Tartessos Arts




Build: Nordari – Drift.wood
Mirror: Cheeky Pea – Mainstream Mirror
Venice Sign: 7 – Vintage Venice Sign (This is my darling friend Agustkov’s new store that you need to check out. The man has serious talent!)
Dresser: Fri.Home – Alice Dresser
Books: Floorplan – Book Clutter
Flowers: Aria – Raquel Vase
Birds:  Vespertine – Fabric Birds
Stripy Rug: Encore – Shappy Rug The Blues
Butterfly: Mudhoney – Paper Butterfly
Embroidery: Lark– Meh
Dummy:  Art Dummy – Once Decorative Dummy
Torn Letter: Dutchie
Typewriter: Floorplan
Love Letters: Apple Fall
Map: Lark – Ikat Map
Curtains:  The Loft – Meid Drapes
Floor Pillows:  We’re Closed
Branch Lights: North West – Gustav Potted Limb
Clock:  Art Dummy – In Time
Planter: Cheeky Pea – Outdoor Movies Planter@Fameshed
Bed: Scarlet Creative – His@Fameshed
Tray: Culprit – Eggy Brekkies
Newpaper:  The Loft
Stool: Scarlet Creative – Reve Stool
Single Vase:  Vespertine – Diamonds
Tied Books: Apple Fall
Teacup Piglet: Ohmai – Princess
Trays: Second Spaces – Wood & Leather Trays Stack
Boxes: Second Spaces – Trinket Box Double
3 Vases: Junk – Oddity Vases (Coming Soon)
Zebra Rug: Breno – Cardiff Animal Print Rug
Bedside Books: What Next – Row Of Books Decorated
Fan:  Art Dummy – Breeze
Can: Commoner – Brash Can Prozac
Magazines:  The Loft
Cup: Mudhoney – Priya Mug
Bench: Pilot – Olsen Chest Bench
Casette Radio – Tartessos Arts
Stool: Second Spaces – Eure Drafting Stool
Plant: Floorplan– Lilac Planter
Hanging Planter: Trompe Loeil
Wall Panel:  The Loft – Tribeca Wall Panel
Fence: Botanical – Lattice Fence@Fameshed
Grass:  We’re Closed – Lush Grass
Willow Tree: 3D Trees – Weeping Willow


A few of my favourite things…



Build: Nordari – May A Stone Guide Your Way
Rug: The Loft – Printed Striped Jute Rug
Chair: Pilot & – Mattick Chair@Atelier Kreslo
Lamp: Lame – Mimi’s Branch Lamp@Fameshed
Table: Second Spaces – Shabby Coffee Table
Wall Art: Breno – Find Your Bearings
Wall Flower:  MudHoney – Wire Wall Flower
Dummy: Tres Blah – Vanity Dress Form@The Arcade
Mirror:  Vespertine – Old Bathroom Mirror
Vase: Meshworx – Shaker Vase Aqua
Teacup Planters: Aria – Oolong Planters@The Arcade
Games: Second Spaces – 4 Across/Game Of War@The Arcade
Robot: Zigana – Chip Robot Polaroid@The Arcade
Flower Bottles: Keke – Summer Bottles@The Chapter Four
Birds: Vespertine – Fabric Birds@The Arcade
Strawberries: Elate – Posh Picnic Strawberries@The Arcade
Photo Albums: Commoner@The Arcade