A quarter the way insane.


Build: Scarlet Creative – Rwah Rustic Barn @ The Arcade
Mirrors: {theosophy} – Beaumaris Mirror
Cushion: {Reverie} – ‘A House is not a Motel’ Pillow
Daybed: .:revival:. – Industrial Daybed
Letters: NOMAD – Amore Loveletters @ The Arcade
Suitcase: Apple Fall – Worn Luggage Bag
Books: [ zerkalo ] – Pile of books 2
Plant: Scarlet Creative  – Artist Desk and Plant (edited) @ The Arcade
Candles: .:revival:. – Candle Bag Leather @ ShinyShabby
Rug: .:revival:. – Vintage Rug
Coffee & Muffin: Apple Fall – Coffee & Muffin
Slippers: Apple Fall – Leather Moccasins
Small Book: * SORGO – Poetry Book @ The Arcade
Ashtray: POST – Haarlem Deco Ashtray
Map & Books: Apple Fall – Books & Map
Red Head Mannequin: NOMAD – Vintage Mannequin 02
Cello: NOMAD – Cello
Plant Box: Scarlet Creative  – Rosemary Plant @ The Arcade
Hanging Lights: Apt B – Raw Materials Gacha – Lamps @ kustom9
Lantern: .:revival:. – Lantern Bronze
Tall Plant: Apple Fall – L’Olivier
Chair: Pixel Mode – Alina Chair w/Pillow
Newspaper: Apple Fall – Crumpled Newspaper
Painting: * SORGO – The Painting @ The Arcade
Chest: ISON – Wooden Chest (old gacha prize)
Telephone: Zaara –  Antique telephone (old gacha prize)
Papers: * SORGO – Papers Stack @ The Arcade
Dark Head Mannequin: NOMAD – Vintage Mannequin 01
Artichokes: Apple Fall – Decorative Artichokes
Book Stack: Apple Fall – Reading Pile 4
Hand: {vespertine} – Zodiac Hand
Candle Bottles: ISON – Wine Light (old gacha prize)


Gentleman’s choice.


Build: {theosophy} – Nicholaston Skybox
Doors: DIGS – Straight Panel Closet Doors
Coat: AF – Old Coat
Frame Light: junk. – T Frame Light
Guitar: BALACLAVA!! – Busking On – Acoustic Guitar (previous arcade item)
Ladder: oyasumi – Ladder Light
Bust: {theosophy} – Dinmael Bust @The Men’s Dept 
Picture Frames: Seven Emporium – Square Frame Wall Leaners
Drugs Sign: Seven Emporium – Pharmacy Sign
Plane: AF – Model Plane
Horse: PILOT – Its A Horse
Radio: ISPACHI – The Odyssey – Radio on Books @The Liaison Collaborative
Cactus: MudHoney – Cactus Plant
Skull: AF – Springbok Skull
Drawer Cabinet: Bazar – Toronto Living Room Drawer Cabinet @The Home Show 
Plant: [ARIA] – Sloane Succulent Plant C @FaMESHed
Telescope: {theosophy} – Godre’r Telescope
Books: AF – Reading Pile
Wall Light: The Loft – Taylor Wall Light @FaMESHed
Map Art: Bazar – Toronto World Map Art @The Home Show 
Couch: HIDEKI – Minimalist Sofa
Boxes (under couch): Seven Emporium – Time Machine!
Magazines: AF – Magazines
Lamp: HIDEKI – Floor Lamp
Beer Bottles: {theosophy} – Beer Bottle
Ashtray: [NikotiN] – Ultimate Ashtray
Rug: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Sloppy Hemp Rug @The Men’s Dept
Table: HIDEKI – Tree Stump Table
Soup & Magazines: Second Spaces – Sick Day Mags, Soup, Remote
Phone: * S O R G O – BlackBlury (previous arcade item)
Wallet: TA – Avenue Wallet
Books: Bazar – Toronto Living Room Books @The Home Show 
Chess: {theosophy} – Chess Set
Standing Ashtray: +ILO+ – Standing Ashtray
Bag: [Deadwool] – Mercury Handbag @The Men’s Dept 
Chair: HIDEKI – Minimalist Armchair